It was the boyfriend and my year anniversary this past weekend. When that homebody told me that he was taking me away for a three-day holiday, I jumped at the chanceto actually go somewhere with him. He had rented a cabin on a lake, of all things. The weather was not supposed to be very good but it never is this time of year. I put on my snow boots, packed some hot chocolate, and hoped for the best.

The drive was nothing special, especially since we didn’t head out until after he left work for the day on Friday. In other words, it was just dark outside. Oh and it rained. That was fun. Luckily the cabin was only about a half hour away so we got there before the temperature dropped and everything froze. We were exhausted from the long day and the weather-induced tense drive out to the lake. Not the greatest start to a romantic weekend. We didn’t see much of the cabin before we collapsed on the bed and were out for the night.

I woke up the next morning and looked out these fabulous floor-to-ceiling windows in the bedroom. The rain had turned everything outside into a sparkling ice wonderland. It took my breath away. I was tempted to wake up the boy but he’s cute when he is sleeping and I knew he needed the rest. So I quietly grabbed my boots and camera to sneak outside to get some photos of everything. I fell on my butt several times. My rear and my pride were the only things damaged, the camera was unscathed. Lucky, I know. The things I do for my art! I am still having trouble sitting down and that was days ago.

It was so beautiful and quiet there. I was probably the only person outside for miles around. I could have lived in that moment forever. My awe didn’t end there. Over the next couple of days, everything thawed. Except for a good portion of the lake. We saw a bald eagle trying to ice fish, watched a chipmunk scurry right across our path, and witnessed some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen in my life. We also drank all the hot chocolate, of course! There was romance and happy anniversary celebrations but I felt like my mind was going the whole time, trying to record every single moment. I took even more photos. I cannot wait to go home and use them as a reference to paint. I am not the greatest photographer. Things never come out in the picture the way they are in my head but they are helpful for me when I paint. At the very least I can use them as a reference for the colors to use.

If I ever find myself unable to come up with a subject for my art, I will have to remember to go back up to that cabin. I have so many ideas from just a three-day trip, I cannot imagine what it would be like to stay there for a whole week. Or a month!