If you had the means, the time, and the choice, where would you go for a fabulous beach vacation. I assume that all of you readers love the shore as I do. There are so many great places from Hawaii to Tahiti, but for me I vote for the Caribbean. Think of all those tropical islands and how glorious the sand and water are. I would give anything for a week of fun in the sun. We all need to rejuvenate and relax no matter how much we like our work. Life gets dull and discolored if you don’t take a break and change your point of view. I mean that literally: it is important to have a change of scene and get a new lease on life. And because I am an artist, I invite the inspiration that the beach always brings.

So, my friend and I have set a date for a long weekend in the Caribbean on a picturesque isle. We picture ourselves side by side on lounge chairs with a large beach umbrella overhead. Its big stripes match our giant towels. You can’t miss us for miles away. So, we made this dream a reality and off we went. Not a minute off the plane, we headed for our resort and the sand. We jumped into our swimsuits, grabbed the towels and ran to the water. Just a few feet away we set up “camp.” We had a cooler by now with water and beverages not to mention a few tasty snacks. We rented the chairs and an umbrella so we would not burn. The sun in this region can be intense. We applied sunscreen, put on dark glasses, and we were ready to surf. Come late evening, we were loath to move a muscle.

What is it about the beach that is so magical? Sure, you can ski in fresh powder snow, go boating on a lake or a river, or hike in the mountains when the weather is fine. But when it comes to rest and relaxation, not to mention artistic inspiration, I vote for the beach every time. I mentioned that I am an artist so I bring along a pad of paper and some colored pencils and make sketches of the people and the scenery. I take the work home and make some of the better works into paintings. I also like the fresh spontaneity of watercolors. I wish I could take them with me, but once when I did, they got full of sand.

I don’t get a beach vacation more than once a year and then we vary the location. Sometime I will have paintings of so many destinations that required recreation in paint. Perhaps this is the perfect fodder for a one-man art show at the gallery. If I work hard and finish enough, there will be ample paintings to fill the gallery space. I will have large and small versions of my beach vacations. Hopefully, they will remind people of the joy of the ocean.