I just had to log on and tell you all some big news! No, the boyfriend did not pop the question. Read the title of this post again. That’s right, I sold my first piece!! I know, I can’t believe it either!

The painting was a landscape I saw in a dream. There was a jagged mountain and in the dream, I was trying to climb it. I don’t know how but I just knew that the view would be spectacular if I could get to the top. I have never seen this place in real life and I have no idea how to climb a mountain either. But dream me was determined. I had my art equipment with me and I remember it being hard to climb while having to lug all of that stuff. I kept trying even though the rocky surface was cutting up my hands. In the dream, I hit my head as I was climbing. It didn’t hurt but it bled, and the blood ran into my eye. When I got to the top, I couldn’t see the view because my vision was cloudy. I wouldn’t have been able to paint anyway because my hands were so bloody and wounded from the climb. And I had lost most of my art supplies on the way up. I remember thinking in the dream that it had not been worth the struggle to get to the top. I was looking around for a way to get down when I finally woke up.

Yes, I know it was a messed-up dream.

The painting kind of reflected all that. I have to say, it was really good. The colors were all red and purple and angsty. I used a putty knife to make the sharp edges of the mountain and you could almost believe that if you touched the painting, it would cut you. You could feel the potential in the view at the apex but you just couldn’t quite see it yet. There was beauty and also a lot of frustration.

Anyway, so I had taken a picture to show the receptionist, Jamie, who knew all about the dream. He was just as disturbed by the dream as I had been so I thought he would like to see what I had done with it. While I was showing Jamie, the boss came by. He stopped to look at the picture and asked me where I’d taken it. He was surprised when I told him it was of a painting I had made. He asked me to bring it in and who am I to argue with the guy who signs my paychecks?

I brought it in the next day and he told me that if I wouldn’t mind selling, he thought he had the perfect buyer for it. No, can’t say I minded selling! We agreed on a price and then he added his fee on top. The number seemed a little silly to me. I didn’t think anybody would really pay THAT much money for something that little ol’ me made. But it turned out that Boss Man was spot on. He sent a (much better quality) photo to the buyer, who responded immediately with some questions about yours truly. Mostly if I had any other works similar to that one. Um. No. That was pretty much lightning in a bottle. She came in, stared at it for what felt like a half hour, and haggled on the price a little. I didn’t care what she paid for it as long as I got to brag that somebody paid for something I painted.

Somebody paid (a nice amount) for something I painted!Apparently, all I had to do was have a nightmare to get it done. Who knew?

I am taking the boyfriend out for dinner tonight, people. Somewhere that has cloth napkins!