Guess I’ll Keep on Lookin’

I am plumb out of room in my studio. There are paintings and objects everywhere plus a mess of supplies. I can hardly walk from one end of the small room to another. It is time to move on. But there is a big problem: how do I pack up all this stuff? It won’t be easy but nevertheless I am on a quest to find the perfect space. This is going to take time. I make a list from ads in the paper and organize them by location. For some I can go on foot, but for others I will need my car. I have a list of requirements so I will see what matches my specifications. Here’s what I want:

A large room with separate fully-loaded kitchen. I need an oven and stove, at least a small refrigerator, and some counter space for food preparation.

I don’t require a bedroom but one adjacent to my studio would be nice. It can be miniscule for all I care.

I must have a private bathroom in my studio, however compact. I don’t want to go down the hall and find that other residents are there.

I need central heating and air conditioning. Our weather can turn bad in the winter and steamy in the summer. I want to be comfortable so I can work on my creations day or night. I don’t want to sleep when it is either freezing or sweltering. I just want a good, solid system so I can be effective at my self-imposed job.

I don’t care if it has an elevator unless I am on the top floor. I need a way to tote artwork up to my quarters. It can be something I had out on loan or a large canvas that won’t be easy to carry upstairs.

This is what I had in mind when I set out on my journey. I went from one place to another and checked off my list. I thought I had found the perfect studio but balked when I was informed that it had no heating system. I initially turned it down. Now it was decision time. The price for rent was fair and the space was super large. I would be very content here. I loved the apartment-size kitchen as it had everything I needed. The bathroom was newly renovated and clean. I couldn’t turn this bargain down. I thought long and hard. I finally came up with an energy efficient space heater as my ultimate solution. It would be portable and I could carry it about and set it in the area in which I wanted to work.

I wasn’t worried for very long. The space heater, not being a desktop model, was perfect. It kept me warm and toasty at night. I was careful about a fire hazard but the front was well covered with metal mesh. I was so happy that I didn’t stick with my instincts and turn the place away.