My Favorite Piece in the Gallery

We are doing a photography show for the next couple of weeks. I like this one because there are a lot of different photographers on display. I like the variety of the subjects, the mix of color and black and white that has taken over the gallery. I have been able to talk to most of the photographers so I could learn more about the subjects of the photos—it helps to know these things when you sell them. People often ask, especially with photographs, where it was taken and things like that. But I ask also because I am curious. I love having time with the artists we represent. As I’ve said before, I like all aspects of art, including the business side. I do like to know why artists decide to sell the pieces they do. This exhibit has been a lot of fun because there are so many artists to talk to and I am sure it will bring in a bunch of potential buyers. People like photography. It is always a good seller for us.

So I was doing my traditional walk-through to familiarize myself with the layout and the different photographs for sale. I turned a corner and in front of me was a photograph that just knocked my socks off. It was a picture of a cherry blossom tree with kites flying in the sky around it. The colors were super saturated and rich. It was like walking into a gorgeous, breezy spring day. I didn’t just want the photo, I wanted to be there in that moment. I wanted to watch the kites flying overhead, smell the blooming flowers, feel the warm sun on my face. It was everything that I love about art. The photographer was right there and must have seen my expression because she stopped what she was doing to smile at me. I immediately asked her where she took it. Seems Washington, D.C. has a Blossom Kite festival. It must be so incredibly beautiful to see in person. I chatted with the photographer for a bit more and then headed off to look at the other photos on display.

There was nothing else as beautiful as the kites. I went back again and looked at the price tag. Well, that was a kick in the teeth! It was probably priced pretty fairly but fell very wide of my “I can rationalize this cost in my head” mentality. Oh well. I had resigned myself to saying goodbye to this beautiful photo when the photographer came back over to me. She handed me a postcard that had the Blossom Kite photo on the front. She had gotten a few printed to drum up interest in the photos she was selling here. I couldn’t believe my luck! I stopped off on my way home to get a frame and now it is happily sitting on my nightstand where I can see it every morning when I wake up.

I love my job.